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The benefit of insight. The ability to deliver.


Sales is about success, risk and reward. Let us understand yours.

All our candidates have unique needs. The fit of a role depends on their views and two roles will resonate differently with two different people. We know your CV only tells people where you’ve been, not where you want to go.

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Beauty is a personal viewpoint

Our clients

The roles we work with are always a little special, and so are the companies. Expect challenger technology brands that are shaking up their industries and need the right kind of people to help them do this.

These aren’t run of the mill positions; they are key sales and technology roles in the UK’s most innovative technology companies, so you have to be more than run of the mill. Think you can help take these companies further?


Our candidates represent us

Committed to your future

  • Where does the next move take you?
  • How does the next move affect the move after that?
  • What do you want to leave behind?
  • How much pride do you want to have when you tell your kids about your career?

Tell Inward the answers to the questions and we’ll help you find the next five years of career happiness.


Experience counts when you’re talking about careers and we’ve seen thousands.

A partnership

Your CV is your history, it’s not your future. Different people want different things and our time served process for understanding candidate needs has allowed us to help thousands of candidates in their lives.

We’ll ask you simple, situational questions but as you talk to us, we’ll try to go into a deeper level of understanding to understand why you want something and where that takes you rather than simply what you want.

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