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Salespeople build businesses.

Look at it this way—no sales and there is no business. Talk to people. Everyone wants to hire the best sales talent. Finding the best available candidates on the market often feels like a game of chance. Move towards certainty with a proven, repeatable search and selection system that gets results.

Stage 1


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Let’s take a proper look

Work with Inward and we’ll go deep and understand precisely what kind of person your business needs. We look at your company, your team, and your goals. We’ll talk it through and get a feel for the real job spec. The spec beneath the spec that will help us see the real matches.

Stage 2



When you work with inward, we go further than the big, retained head-hunters. Without the upfront retainer. You’ll see a detailed research process. We’ll address the entirety of the available audience for your role with our in-house research team. We’ll build a data set of contact details and information so that we can touch the audience for you.

Social media

Our social media activity generates massive incoming general candidate enquiries. Have a listen to our podcasts.

Stage 3



The audience will see your job, hear your job, and feel your job. We’ll create a bespoke video discretely promoting the role for you. Our response rates are five to ten times higher than the approach you’ll experience elsewhere.

We then promote the role using marketing automation, re targeting and social media to make sure it touches the maximum possible audience.

Stage 4


Every candidate goes through up to three stages of qualification:

Automated qualification

Using cutting edge technology, we can do the initial stages of qualification more quickly and precisely than any other recruiter which means we can talk to more respondents and give you a wider view of the job market.

Phone screening

The next stage is a phone screen with an inward team member. None of our consultants are commissioned. They get paid to understand.


For higher-level roles all candidates are interviewed in person using our proven, in house interviewing methodology IRC 50™. It gives us a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s suitability for your role.

Stage 5

CV Submittal

The candidate CVs are submitted

We don’t waste your time or send just anyone through. We’ve built our reputation on the quality of candidates we find and select—because if we wouldn’t work with them why should you?

Stage 6

Interview and Placement

Organise an interview

We help you through the whole process. We’re there to support you with everything you need, from interview technique to offer negotiation and supporting candidates through tough resignations.

Stage 7


We’ll guarantee the hire for up to two years

Take advantage of our brilliant Inward guarantee and mitigate your risk. That’s how confident we are in the service. You can find out more here.

Ready to get started?

Talk to one of our team and change the way you hire salespeople forever.

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