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Sharing the risk of sales hiring.

Let us explain.


Hiring a Sales Exec is the most mission-critical of all the hires you make in the business.

A great salesperson will make an average solution look great and be the difference between success and failure.

But it’s risky!


Getting it wrong can cost you a fortune and the recruitment fee is only a small part of that.

Most recruiters set up their terms and conditions before the days of complex enterprise selling when sales cycles were short and you could spot a bad hire quickly.

They offer little protection to the client, maybe covering against an initial clash of personalities.

Sales cycles are long and it can easily be 6 months and sometimes more than a year before a company knows if they have made the right decision.

Changing the rules of recruitment


IRC do an amazing job and find you a great candidate using our unique methodology on an exclusive basis.


Candidate joins you and we invoice for 1/12th of the fee in the first month.


We invoice you for 1/12th of the fee for every month the candidate is with you up to 12 months.


If the candidate leaves after 6 months for one reason or another then you have effectively enjoyed a 50% rebate.


You could almost think of it as pay as you go recruitment!

What are the advantages?

If the candidate leaves, we repeat the process on the same basis. So, we get to know your business and improve the service over time.
That way we protect your business against the risk of wasting recruitment fees, combining it with the most unique, media driven service in the recruitment industry.
More cost effective than a contractor fee or hiring a temp. Safer than any other agreement with a service that no one else can touch.

Like to find out more?

Check us out on LinkedIn and YouTube to see how we bring candidates to the table. We’ll even extend this offering over 24 months on the right basis.

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