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The Sales Interview Playbook

So, you want to know how to ace your next sales interview.

Having worked in technology sales recruitment for a long time (since the mid 90’s with a few years on the other side of the fence as a general manager of a software company), I’ve personally interviewed on average between eight and ten sales people per week, and been involved on a weekly basis over the years with again between 8 to 10 interviews in that time.

So the rough maths in terms of the number of interviews is around the 8,000 mark.

For every one I take feedback from both candidates and clients and when you do the same thing day-in day-out one of two things can tend to happen: You can either become very bored and stop paying attention, or – to keep it interesting – you begin to study what you do and turn it into an art form.

For me, after a couple of years it became the latter and it’s my intention that in the course of the document that you are about to read that I share tips from both myself and some other genuine technology sales recruitment experts that will really get you to re-think what goes on in an interview for a sales job and how you can approach your sales interviews with a competitive advantage.

Click here to download and access the only playbook you’ll ever need to smash your sales interviews.

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