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An open invitation to get cracking!

An open invitation to get cracking!

So, as we approach the August bank holiday thought it might be useful to let some of our readers know that it’s time to get a move on.

The kids go back to school very shortly and soon as they do it’s important that everybody out there understands you have 16 weeks to get things done.

Let me explain. If you’re considering moving or hiring in the New Year then you need to start now. Firstly, if headcount is to have been released with regards to January starters, more often than not it took place over the summer and the recruitment campaigns led by any half smart/intelligent client typically start in September. The clients thinking process is simple, brief one or two preferred recruiters in September, receive CV’s the week after the kids go back, interview should take place the week thereafter and second interviews somewhere around mid-October. Let’s add a week for just general administrative issues that slow the recruitment process down so now we’re already in late October. The chief exec decides he would like to see the individual and we are now into November. An offer is made which takes between three and five working days and the candidates as to his recruiter “I have some commission coming at the end of the month so I will resign then”. He resigns and his incumbent employer messing around a little bit, firstly in a bid to retain his services and secondly after your loyal recruitment consultants has done his job of ensuring that the counter offer is rebuffed out of sheer petulance they make the guy work his one month notice which takes you into a January start.

If you want to hire a new sales person and have them up and running before December or find a new job and settle in during the Christmas period then you will already significantly behind schedule and should act straightaway.

If you’re considering finding a new role you must account for the fact that very few employers who have a modicum of intelligence want to pay somebody during the least productive month of the calendar year who has only just started and for whom that month will be wholly unproductive. Smart employers are also aware of the rebate terms of recruitment consultants and are not so naive that they won’t take into account the fact that a significant proportion of the recruiters rebate period runs whilst the candidate is at home eating Christmas pudding.

Act now and start hiring if that’s what you need to do.

Act now and take action about your career if that’s what you need to do.

The clock is ticking.

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