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BOOK CLUB Ep.130: Tech-Powered Sales by Tony Hughes & Justin Michael Part 3 (ft. Tony Hughes)


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Tony Hughes himself joined us all the way from Sydney for this episode. It was great to chat with him about the book and its implications and we’d love to have him on the podcast for the third time some day.

Tony shares some stories about himself and some analogies about how important tech is to other professions. If you’d raise an eyebrow at a pilot or surgeon not using tech in their duties, why should salespeople be any different? Why would sales remain stagnant as tech integrates into everything else?

There is no excuse and there will be no mercy for salespeople who stubbornly stick to their ‘people skills’ as a reason for their value. Everyone needs to get on board with tech and master the applications.

And this book is the place to start.

Get listening.


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