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IRC Book Club Episode 23 Keith Rosen ‘Sales Leadership’ Chapters 1, 2 & 3 ‘A Must Read For ALL Salespeople’

IRC Book Club Episode 23 Keith Rosen ‘Sales Leadership’ Chapters 1, 2 & 3 ‘A Must Read For ALL Salespeople’

We’re on a new book this week! This book is particularly pertinent, even if you’re not a sales leader, it can teach you how your sales leader should manage you and show you whether or not you are cut out to be a sales leader yourself.

We read the comments section before starting the content and normally these books are the different sales authors sucking up to each other, but wow, there are some top people here who have recommended Sales Leadership. president of Salesforce, country manager for Google, Microsoft, Hubspot and it goes on and on…

This is the book that thus far, I’ve enjoyed most on the show – 5 pages in, I was already thinking that this is a must-read book. I’d read it if you’re a salesperson or a sales manager because when you read it, you think ‘have I got what it takes to be a sales manager, is that me?’

Keith thinks that sales managers should get emotionally involve with their team, do you agree? Should they have an emotional understanding of what’s going on in the background? Keith asks ‘Does your culture reflect not just your corporate vision but your team vision?’ – We thought this was a blinder of a question.

My favourite line of the book so far is ‘It’s the responsibility of every manager to insulate their people from the pressure umbrella’ Keith’s processes are about asking people questions in the right way so that they realise the answers themselves. And he creates a model that you can follow. And can I just say, it is really followable.

The overall gist here is that good coaching is all about asking questions and not telling the salesperson what to do. You should use your questioning technique to get the salesperson to come up with a solution and commit to it I would summarise these first 3 chapters as:

Chapter 1 – have you got a culture that’s suitable for coaching and if not how do you get one?

Chapter 2 – I’ve got a process to help you coach your sales staff

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