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In the first of a series of guest blog posts I’d like to introduce Arash Mazinani a very well respected Local image consultant who will be running an occasional slot on a subject that I strongly believe in which is the importance of giving serious thought to your appearance as a sales professional. We’ll also be running a number of guest blog slots from some other very interesting contributors so watch this space.

Arash, it’s over to you!

“5 ways to instantly boost your appearance”

I’m often asked for some simple ways a gentleman can make himself appear more stylish and I always answer with the following; “it’s all in the details“. While many may be surprised by my answer it’s so often true. When you’ve been observing what sets stylish people apart you’ll notice that it’s often the very subtle things that make the difference. Be rest assured, you don’t have to stray out of your comfort zone too far, but you will need to put in a little bit of effort.

The following things I’ve listed are made up of some of the more common failings when it comes to gent’s style or the little things that many omit from their appearance. Even if you take note of a few I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in your image and more importantly others will too.

Pocket squares are relatively easy to get hold of and are an inexpensive addition to any wardrobe. Choosing one in silk that pulls out a colour from your shirt can go a long way in transforming your appearance. Almost every suit jacket has a pocket sitting there, yet so many seem to neglect it. Along with your choice of tie, a pocket square is another way you can let your personality shine amongst a sea of ‘suits’. Take a look at these videos if you’re struggling to fold your pocket square.

Everyone knows how to tie their tie but there is one element that many seem to omit. A proper dimple will set you apart as a sophisticated gent from the necktie newbies. It will bring out the texture of the tie and give it more depth, yet I rarely see many gents sporting one. You should also make sure your tie doesn’t loosen through out the day, I’ve seen many suited guys that would have otherwise looked great had their ties not slipped and exposed the top button on their dress shirt.

While we’re on the subject of ties a fantastic accessory that you can easily pick up is a tie clip. They’re great at making you stand out and look really dapper, but there are a few rules you need to be aware of. Make sure the clip doesn’t cover more than three quarters of your tie, so if you have a skinny tie you’ll need an appropriate tie clip to match. Make sure the clip sits between the third and fourth button of your shirt, so it’s not obscured by your jacket or sitting high up by your knot.

I often see men that have obviously taken a lot of effort and care in their shirt/tie combination and suit. But then you look down at their shoes and you can tell they’ve not been polished or cleaned for a good while. If you weren’t already doing so, make sure you clean your shoes after each wear and polish them regularly. Invest in shoe trees to keep their shape and avoid unsightly creases forming across the front of the shoe.

This final point is a pet peeve of mine and it’s a lot more common than you’d think. I often see men around the city and on the commute that don’t know how to button their suit jackets. There is an etiquette when it comes to the buttons you should fasten on a single breasted jacket.

If your jacket has two buttons then you should only ever fasten the top button. If it has three buttons then you have the choice of fastening the top two and leaving the bottom one unfastened or just fastening the middle button. When you sit down you should unfasten your buttons and then refasten them when you stand back up again.

I often see men with two button and sometimes three button suit jackets with all of them fastened. Modern suit jackets are cut so they drape correctly when the bottom button is left unfastened, by fastening it, it makes your jacket look odd and no matter how great your suit is, will spoil your overall appearance.

Arash Mazinani

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