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Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

We’ve got a client interviewing here today so whilst I sit in reception awaiting yet another successful outcome I wanted to write a post today about a particularly contentious issue within the recruitment industry in general and one that is very important within the technology sales arena. It’s my hope that the post will answer what some seem to find as a very challenging question.

“should I admit that I am out of work?”

I’ve been really worried recently by a spate of what I call “DINOSAUR THINKING” in relation to this question.
We interviewed a mature and experienced candidate the other day with an excellent depth of experience and skill within a specific sector of the market. During the interview he was at great pains to inform our consultant that he was not in a hurry to find a new job and that he was going to be very picky. In fact he was doing really well in his current role and that he simply wanted better career prospects. he wasn’t going to “get out of bed” for less than a twenty percent increase in his basic salary.

Subsequently my colleague returned to his desk and allocated resource accordingly to his case. He had a look at what current live opportunities may have matched; allocated an hour to talk to some decision makers in that particular market and not much more. After all, where was the hurry? The candidate made it very clear that he wasn’t in one and had priced himself above market rate. It just didn’t seem like a good bet to be allocating more man hours than that.
When the chaps employers rang in to give us a brief 4 days later it transpired that he had not worked there for 8 weeks. What a pity, his opening interaction with his consultant had proved counter productive. At best he had diminished the essential bond of trust between him and his consultant which moved their relationship to the realms of being purely transactional. At worst he had embarrassed himself and the consultant who had interviewed him. He would have been much better off having told the truth.

So come clean and be honest, you’ll be respected more, be a higher priority and more likely to be offered a job over candidates that look to our clients like they are going to be hard work to get on board and remember that your market value is based on your skills and achievements and not the fact that you act like something out of the eighties with your recruiter.

Being out of work is advantageous if you play it right. You can get to interviews, prepare accordingly and move forward rapidly. your consultant should always be able to out a positive shine on your situation.

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